Access control for Liverpool & the northwest.

Just recently we seem to be electronically locking down every door in Liverpool & the northwest, by installing our access control systems & intercoms. From simple one door  stand-alone solutions, to more advanced network based options.

From our customer feedback were finding that the stand-alone systems are for cost conscious of people who need just one door securing, maybe a stock room or entrance door through to the customer who wants rid of that big bunch of keys so they  have access to all the same doors with just one fob or card by installing a multiple door networked system.

If you’ve been thinking about any of the above then please give us a call and we can help you decide what’s right for you!

Wireless Alarm Systems installed in Liverpool and the Northwest.

Our wireless alarm systems are not your average DIY kits fitted by the plumber or your spark. We install professional graded equipment such as the Pyronix Enforcer range in lots of small households and businesses. Customers love them for their ease of use and reliability as well as really quick installation times. We have different options available for larger commercial premises also.

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